A rare entity: Median raphe cyst in a boy and review of the literature


Levent Cankorkmaz*, Ö Fahrettin Göze, Mehmet H Atalar and Gökhan Köylüoğlu

Median raphe cysts of the perineum are uncommon congenital lesions of the male genitalia. They can develop at any site along the midline of the ventral side of the genital area, from the meatus to the scrotum and perineum. A 9-year-old patient presented with a cystic nodule in the scrotum just medial mass that at the midline of the scrotum had been present from childhood as long as he could remember. The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) showed the cyst extended along the midline perineum.There was not communication between the cyst and the urethra. Median raphe cysts in children should be considered in the differential diagnosis of scrotal masses.


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