A rare form of crossed nonfused renal ectopia, multicystic dysplasia: A case report


Carolina Talini, Letícia Alves Antunes, Bruna Cecília Neves de Carvalho, Jéssica Romanelli, André Luis Fortes Alves, Rafaela Galli, Karin Barszcz, Ricardo Possagno, Even Mol, Luís Fernando Garbuio, Ayrton Alves Aranha Junior

We report a 6 months-old male who presented a rare phenomenon of nonfused crossed renal ectopia associated with multicystic dysplasia. Male, prenatally diagnosed with cystic lesion in right hypocondria, presented as palpable mass in right upper abdominal quadrant at birth. Detailed radiologic evaluation including laparotomy confirmed a diagnosis of multicystic dysplasia in a crossed non-fused left ectopic kidney and leading to partial right ureteral obstruction, treated by surgical removal of the lesion.


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