An ayurvedic approach to nephrotic syndrome in children


Monika Meshram*

Nephrotic syndrome causes the kidney to leak big volumes of protein into the urine. This can lead to a range of difficulties including swelling of body tissues and a greater chance of catching an infection. Nephrotic syndrome is a serious chronic kidney disease that affects a large number of children. The autoimmune condition nephrotic syndrome has evolved. T lymphocyte dysregulation and vascular permeability variables have been found to contribute to changes in podocyte function and perm selectivity that result in NS, according to pathogenesis studies. Treatment outcome is determined by steroid response. The majority of them are initially susceptible but later recover or become steroid reliant or resistant. Treatments such as levamisole, cyclophosphamide, cyclosporine, long-acting alternative corticosteroids, and others have been used in combination with different protocols to treat steroid-dependent or resistant NS, with varying effectiveness or greater adverse effects. As a result, an alternative therapy is required. Poly herbal formulations with immunomodulators, nephroprotective, and antioxidant activities may be more effective as a supplement to contemporary therapeutic medications in the treatment of steroid-dependent or resistant instances of NS.


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