An unusual complication of preputial adhesiolysis: from flimsy adhesions to bridging adhesions


Prabudh Goel, Minu Bajpai

Most male infants are born with a foreskin that does not retract then and this is normal; glanular-preputial adhesions are physiologic and universal.  Separation of these adhesions is a continuously evolving process which happens gradually and spontaneously. However, inability to retract the prepuce or preputial ballooning may be a cause of significantly anxiety amongst the newly blessed parents. The situation in rural population is further compounded by the culture of ‘oiling’ the glans inherited ancestrally if not transmitted genetically. Herein, the authors submit to medical literature an unusual complication of preputial adhesionlysis –development of bridging glanular-preputial adhesions. The clinical and social aspects are discussed. A description of the procedure of adhesionlysis along with an insight into the embryology and relevant literature was considered indispensable.


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