Bilateral single system vaginal ectopic ureters: A rare variant


Shyamendra Pratap Sharma, Sarita Chowdhary, Pranaya Kumar Panigrahi, Shiv Prasad Sharma

Bilateral single-system vaginal ectopic ureter (BSSVEU) is a very rare entity in pediatric urology. A 1-year-old girl was brought to outpatient clinic with continuous dribbling without normal voiding. The patient was diagnosed as BSSVEU by clinical findings, CT intravenous urography, genitoscopy and cystoscopy. Bilateral ureteric reimplantation was performed. Postoperative dry time was 2-3 hours after 3 months of follow-up and renal function was preserved at 3 months. Here, we report such a case and briefly discuss its diagnosis and management.


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