Case report of a combined prostatic and utricular cyst


Paddy Dewan, Padma Rao, John Lazarus

A 16 year old previously well boy presented with voiding difficulty that progressed to intermittent retention over a two month period. A renal ultrasound showed a structure consistent with a utricular remnant behind the base of the bladder that endoscopically appeared to terminate in the posterior wall of the prostatic urethra as a cystic, enlarged verumontanum. Following an uneventful endoscopic fulguration of the anterior wall, the boy remained catheterized overnight. The following day the catheter was removed at the time of a radiologic study of the lower urinary tract, which showed a dilated posterior urethra, but no reflux into the tubular retro-vesical structure that was noted to have emptied on a post-operative ultrasound.


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