Case Report: Vaginostomy until further reconstruction for the management of hydrocolpos causing hydronephrosis


Paarth Kapadia, Shreeya Popat, Angela G. Mittal

Hydrocolpos is a rare congenital genitourinary anomaly that can cause clinically significant urinary tract obstruction with oligohydramnios and hydronephrosis antenatally and renal failure postnatally. Here, we discuss the management of a neonate with hydrocolpos and renal failure.  Vaginostomy tube and bladder catherization have been described previously.  However, in this population, external tubes can be difficult to manage and have a high propensity of failure.  Therefore, the patient was managed via creation of a vaginostomy, which allowed for continuous passive drainage of fluid into a diaper and maintained a decompressed urinary tract until further reconstruction could be pursued.


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