Congenital midureteric stricture: A rare entity in pediatric patient


Prashant Sadashiv Patil, Gupta Abhaya, Kothari Paras L, Kekre Geeta, Dikshit Vishesh K, Shahaji Deshmukh, Apoorva Kulkarni

Congenital midureteric obstruction is a rare entity which can be caused by either ureteric valves, strictures or an adynamic segment. When encountered, it is generally misdiagnosed as megaureter or ureteropelvic junction obstruction. A high index of suspicion is required to make a correct pre-operative diagnosis. Antegrade or retrograde urography would clinch the diagnosis. Our patient presented with a history of left loin pain. Investigations suggested mid-ureteric stricture. Resection of stricturous segment and primary ureteroureteric anastomosis was done which relieved the symptoms. Histopathology of excised segment showed muscle fibrosis.


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