Congenital scaphoid megalourethra associated with posterior urethral valve: A case report


Apoorva Achyut Kulkarni, Abhaya Gupta, Paras Kothari, Shalika Jayaswal, Vishesh Dikshit, Geeta Kekre, Prashant Patil

Congenital scaphoid megalourethra is a very rare congenital anomaly of the anterior urethra in males. Here, a case of scaphoid megalourethra and posterior urethral valves is presented. A one and half year old male child came to us with complaints of ballooning at the tip of penis since birth. Micturating cystourethrogram showed a dilated glanular urethra. The patient underwent a Nesbitt’s longitudinal reduction urethroplasty with a single-staged, single layered repair. Post-operatively, the child passed a healthy stream of urine without straining.


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