Congenital urethroperineal fistula with scrotal localization: A case report


Mahamoud Omid Ali Ada, Hellé Moustapha, Oumarou Habou, Amadou Soumana, Halidou Maazou, Habibou Abarchi

A congenital urethroperineal fistula (CUPF) is a rare malformation that can be considered an unusual form of urethral duplication. A 3-year-old boy presented with an orifice in the middle of his scrotum through which urinary leakage was observed during micturition. Retrograde and voiding urethrocystograms showed a fistula tract extending from the prostatic urethra to his perineum. He was successfully treated with resection of the fistula performed via a perineal approach. No clinical sign and radiological evidence of disease were observed during his 4-month postoperative follow-up. Accurately distinguishing CUPF from a similar form of urethral duplication (type II A2-Y urethral duplication) is important for definitive treatment.


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