Cystoscopy in children presenting with hematuria should not be overlooked


Omur Memik, Bekir Voyvoda, Ramazan Kocaaslan, Mehmet Aycan Ozkaya, Kurşat Cecen

A 14-year-old girl was admitted with the complaints of intermittent painless macroscopic hematuria the ongoing for nearly two months and dysuria. Ten to 15 erythrocytes and plenty of urine leukocytes were found in the investigation. Ultrasonographic examination of the posterior wall of the bladder showed that a polypoid hypoechoic solid lesion 28 x 11 mm in size was protruding into the lumen. Cystoscopy showed a vegetating papillary tumor of 2x3 cm in size on the posterior wall of the bladder protruding into the lumen; this was then resected. Histopathological examination showed low-grade (G1) transitional cell carcinoma. In the light of this case, in children presenting with hematuria, the possibility of bladder tumors should be kept in mind; thus, retraction with the help of a cystoscope should be considered.


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