Detubularized isolated ureterosigmoidostomy in a complicated common cloaca: A case report


Rahul K Gupta, Soundharya S, Beejal V Sanghvi, Kedar P Mudkhedkar, Rujuta S Shah, Deepa P Makhija, Satej S Mhaskar, Kamal K Khidtta, Sandesh V Parelkar

Urinary incontinence in a child secondary to a severe congenital anatomical disorder or due to complication of a previous surgery can be difficult to manage. Decisions can be especially hard when a redo procedure is being considered. We present one such case where a 6 year old girl previously operated for cloaca was brought with incontinence and after much consideration of options available, underwent a modified ureterosigmoidostomy to aid in her continence. The modification used was detubularized isolated ureterosigmoidostomy, described by Atta et al in 1996.


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