Efficacy of palashadi ointment as local application in pediatric second degree piles: A case report


Shubham Biswas*, Devyani Dasar, Alok Divedi and Pavithra Jaivarsha

Background: Sushruta has described detailed of, however as lifestyle has been changed significantly and results in arsha due to apathya ahara vihara. The diseases of ano-rectal area are the commonest of all the diseases of GI tract. Haemorrhoids may be internal or external. If piles get untreated it may cause complications such as strangulations, inflammation, and thrombosis or complete prolapsed.

Aim: To evaluate and disseminate the efficacy of ayurvedic treatment in 2nd degree piles Materials and methods: A case report of a 10 years male child having complaint of passing of hard stool on and off and feeling of mass at anal region since last 1 year; came in OPD of shalyatantra dept. He was having no pain and intermittent fresh bleeding associated with stool from last 6 months. A case was enrolled in OPD of shalyatantra dept.

Results: After treatment, patient piles was completely shrinked and no pile mass present. Symptoms get subsides. Appetite was good and improved. This case study proven the best result in less time and cost effectiveness in piles with help of ayurvedic medicines and local application of medicated ointment.


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