Efficacy of palashgudavarti (ayurvedic anal suppository) on a pediatric fissure in ano: Case report


Shubham Biswas* and Devyani Dasar

Background: Parikartika is an ano-rectal condition characterised by cutting pain in the anal area (Parikartana vatvedana). Parikartika is not a distinct disease, but rather a sign and symptom of other diseases or a side effect of an Ayurvedic operation (like Vasti, Virecana). It can be linked to crack in ano, according to recent science. It also has anus symptoms such as a burning feeling, minor swelling, and bleeding.

Aim: To evaluate and disseminate the efficacy of ayurvedic treatment in Parikarika.

Case: A report of an 8-year-old female child who has been complaining of hard stool passing on and off for the past year was brought to the Shalyatantra department’s OPD. She has been experiencing pain and sporadic new bleeding with her stool for the past 20 days. A case was enrolled in OPD of Shalyatantra dept.

Observations and results: After treatment, patient fissure was healed. Symptoms get subsides. Appetite was good and improved. This Case study proven the best result in less time and cost effectiveness in acute fissure in ano with help of ayurvedic medicines and local application of Ayurvedic anal suppository.


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