Evaluation of genital condyloma accuminata seen during pediatric age as for sexual abuse: Case report


Semih Petekkaya, Zerrin Erkol, Erdem Hosukler, Hakan Samurcu, Veyis Gundogdu, Bora Buken

Anogenital wart is the most frequently seen during sexually transmitted disease in sexually active adults caused by Human Papillomavirus. The transmission with sexual contact has been defined for anogenital warts which emerge during childhood, however other routes of infection are also considered. We presented a case of a female child who had two genital warts. There is no history or suspicion of sexual abuse and the girl was infected by her mother. In the cases of condyloma accuminata seen in childhood, taking history and physical examination for sexual abuse of the child should be done by the clinician in a detailed way. Opinions should be achieved from forensic experts about the case and the legal authorities should be notified of the suspicion.


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