Long-term indwelling double-J stent and multiple encrusted stones in the ureter and bladder: A case report on Holmium laser treatment


Mehmet Hanifi Okur, Selcuk Otcu

Double-J (D-J) stents are widely used in a variety of urological interventions. Forgotten D-J stents may lead to complications, such as migration, fragmentation and encrustation. We report the case of a forgotten stent, concomitant with ureteral and bladder stones. The forgotten D-J stent was placed four years prior to our intervention, during treatment for multiple right renal stones. Holmium laser lithotripsy was used to disrupt encrustations on a ureteral orifice and the ureteral stent. The percutaneous suprapubic cystostomy was removed without breaking the stent. The patient was discharged without further complications.


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