Loop ureterocystoplasty for multiple reimplantation failures of refluxing megaureter to atrophic bladder: A novel technique and its long term outcome


Shigeru Nakamura, Taiju Hyuga, Kazuya Tanabe, Taro Kubo, Satoru Inoguchi, Shina Kawai, Hideo Nakai

We encountered a 9-year-old boy with a small bladder who had previously undergone multiple ureteroneocystostomies for unilateral refluxing megaureter. He underwent excision of the affected non-functioning kidney and ureterocystoplasty used the dilated regional ureter, in which the loop shaped urinary bladder was reconstructed without detubularization of the dilated ureter. The long-term postoperative course has been satisfactory. There have been no reports of ureterocystoplasty used a dilated ureter after multiple ureteroneocystostomies and none describing ureterocystoplasty in which the ureter was looped. This case is presented herein.


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