Pseudoexstrophy associated with penile duplication and hypospadias: A case report and literature review


Gursev Sandlas, Bhushanrao Bhagawan Jadh

Bladder exstrophy is a rare developmental anomaly. Four principle variants of bladder exstrophy have been described and they themselves are rarer than the bladder exstrophy. Authors describe the management of a case of pseudoexstrophy type of variant in a 9 month old male child with penile duplication with torsion and coronal hypospadias. The rectal fascial defect was repaired without osteotomy as the distance between two pubic bones was <4 cm (3.1 cm). Genital reconstruction with excision of duplicate atrophic penile shaft and repair of coronal hypospadias with detorsion of the functional penile shaft could be accomplished. The patient had good outcome in terms of cosmesis and urinary stream. Total of 18 cases of the pseudoexstrophy have been described till date. Pseudoexstrophy of bladder is a very rare condition and can simultaneously present with other defects like omphalocele, anorectal malformations, pouch colon, multiple or solitary urogenital anomalies. The principles of correction though remain same with correction of abdominal wall defect with or without osteotomy depending upon severity of pubic diastasis. Other anomalies can undergo treatment as per standard protocol.


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