Split-appendix technique: Alternative urinary diversion for pediatric complete incontinence


Elisa Cerchia, Francesco Molinaro, Rossella Angotti, Marina Sica, Adrian Bianchi, Mario Messina

We report our series of selected patients with complete incontinence in whom the appendix was divided and utilized for creating two continent catheterizable stomas. All patients were treated for urinary and fecal incontinence by split appendix technique. The appendix was divided into two different parts preserving adequate perfusion and used for creating an appendicocecostomy (ACE) and an appendicovesicostomy at the same time. After a clinical and radiological follow up, our patients referred a good acceptance and an easily management of the stomas in order to stay dry for all day from urine and feces with improving of their quality of life. The combination of ACE and Mitrofanoff principle have revolutionized the management of urinary and fecal incontinence in patients who are unable to utilize their urethra to keep themselves dry.


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