Undetected duplex moiety with ureteropelvic junction obstruction: A case report


Apoorva Achyut Kulkarni, Abhaya Gupta, Paras Kothari, Shalika Jayaswal, Vishesh Dikshit, Geeta Kekre

Although ureteropelvic junction obstruction and duplex kidney are common anomalies in child age group, the combination of these two anomalies is a rare association and infrequently reported. A 2 month old male patient antenatally diagnosed as having hydronephrosis of right kidney, was brought to us for follow up. Renal scans and ultrasonography suggested ureteropelvic junction obstruction. It was only intra-operatively, at the time of pyeloplasty that we found he had duplex system of the same side, not picked up in any of the earlier investigations. Pyeloplasty was done over a double J stent. Patient was discharged and called for follow up.


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