A brief case report of duplicated bladder exstrophy: A congenital malformation in paediatrics


Suleyman Tagci*, Gokhan Demırtas, Derya Yayla, Bilge Karabulut and Huseyin Tugrul Tiryaki

Duplicated bladder exstrophy is an extremely rare variant of the exstrophy/epispadias complex. We present two rare case of duplicate exstrophy with a wet and dry bladder plate. A rare congenital malformation is duplicate bladder exstrophy. The anteroposterior form has been described, as has the collateral form, which is the less common. A case of bladder exstrophy with a duplicated lower urinary tract, omphalocele, colic duplication, and diphallia is described.

Due to the inability to identify the ureteral orifices during surgical repair, a normally positioned external urethral meatus joined a closed bladder posterior to the exstrophic one. Both ureteric orifices opened into the closed bladder’s thin distensible wall. There was recti divergence and diastases of the pelvic bones. Because the exstrophic wall was the only muscular component, it was decided to excise an elliptical strip of the muscular wall in the midline and establish communication between the two bladders. The exstrophic wall was then closed, combining the two bladders into a single cavity, and the urethral plate tubularized to create a new urethra.


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