A case report on management of recurrent pediatric fistula in ano with an udumber ksheersutra varti


Kiran Khandare*, Aditya Trivedi, Monika Meshram and Pradnya Ghormode

Fistula-in-ano and Perianal abscess are common findings in infants and children. The perianal abscess is usually a manifestation of a fistula-in-ano. Although surgical treatment is an extensively standard remedy for fistula-in-ano, it was recently advised that fistula-in-ano in toddlers is a time-confined disease and fistulotomy or fistulectomy must be avoided. However, it should be noted that conservative treatment of fistula leads to prolonged hospital stay, prolonged antibiotic use and additional pain. Although recurrence of a perianal abscess or fistula abscess after treatment is possible, there should be undue evidence of suspected Crohn’s disease in older young people who wish to relapse. We aimed to present the optimal management of fistula-in-ano in order to reduce or even eliminate the risk of recurrence. It was also discovered that udambara ksheera heals vital recurrent anal fistulas by acting on its shodhan (wound cleaning) and ropan (wound healing) properties. So present case study of reccurrent fistula in ano in pediatric patient was carried out in outpatient department of Shalya Tantra at Mahatma Gandhi Ayurved College, Hospital and Research Centre, Salod (Hirapur) under Datta Meghe Institute of Medical Sciences, which was successfully treated.


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