An extremely rare case of diphallia with high anorectal malformation with perineal lipoma


Jiledar Rawat, Sudhir Singh*, Nitin Pant and Survesh Kumar Gupta

Diphallia is a very rare congenital anomalies occurs 1: 5-6 Million live birth. Associated anomalies like imperforate anus, vertebral deformities, double bladder, exstrophy of the cloacae, and duplication of the recto sigmoid may occurs in association with this. Amongst all anorectal malformations is a common congenital anomaly that can occur in association with diphallia. Here we are presenting a neonate with double functional penis, partial scrotal dysraphism, high anorectal malformations, presence of spina bifida occulta and a perineal lipoma successfully managed by us at our center


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