Aphallia: An extremely rare case report


Muhammad Akram Malik*, Muhammad Waqas Iqbal, Suaiba Saif, Adeen Akram, Asad Ramzan and Nauman Khalid

Aphallia or penile agenesis is a congenital malformation. This is extremely rare anomaly of urogenital system posing serious medical and psychological problems. Its estimated prevalence is 1 out of 10-30 million births. We hereby present a case of aphalia in a child of 09 years old, who was brought to emergency department with uraemia and urosepsis. Bilateral Percutaneus Nehrostomies (PCN) was performed for marked pyonephrosis. Appendico-vesicostomy (metroffnof) and closure of vesicorectal communication was planned as definitive procedure. Parents of the child refused further surgical procedures and left hospital with no follow up.


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