Giant nephroblastoma in newborn: Case report and literature review


Carolina Talini, Leticia Alves Antunes, Bruna Cecilia Neves de Carvalho, Hellen Paula de Oliveira, Bruna Romanelli, Giovana Paludo, Cesar Cavalli Sabbaga, Maria Helena Camargo Peralta del Valle

Nephroblastoma in a children younger than 3 months is a very rare condition, comprising less than 2% of cases. The aim of this study is to present a case of nephroblastoma diagnosed in a newborn. Female baby, presented at the urology pediatric service with 70 days newborn. Mother reported increased abdominal volume, which was first noticed at 15 days of life with progressive worsening. CT scanning showed a giant, solid, rounded mass, with smooth margins, originating from the right kidney and displacing the kidney to a posteroinferior position. Total nephrectomy was performed and pathologic examination confirmed nephroblastoma. No neoadjuvant chemoterapy was performed and postoperative vincristin was administered. One year after surgery, patient remains in follow up with the pediatric oncology service and presented no complications or signs of recurrence. Nephroblastoma in newborn is a rare condition, their detection in neonatal period and early infancy must be estimulated and studies focused on the possibility of congenital presentations must still be made.


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