Hydrometrocolpos secondary to persistent urogenital sinus and transverse vaginal septum: a rare congenital anomaly


Karamvir Chandel*, Tulika Singh, Veenu Singla and Rashmi Bagga

Hydrometrocolpos is an uncommon congenital disorder consisting of cystic dilatation of the vagina and uterus, usually caused by distal obstruction. Many congenital urogenital malformations, ranging from persistent urogenital sinus to cloacal dysgenesis, may cause hydrometrocolpos. In obstructive, uterovaginal causes such as imperforate hymen, transverse vaginal septum are common etiologies. Early diagnosis in the antenatal ultrasound (USG) followed by fetal MRI is important, as this allows for early postnatal management and minimizes various secondary obstructive complications. We discuss hydrometrocolpos’ case associated with urogenital sinus and transverse vaginal septum diagnosed on antenatal USG and MRI scan and treated postnatally


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