Management of urinary tract infection with evidence based ayurveda medicines in paediatrics: A case report


Sabir Ali, Renu Rathi*, Bharat Rathi and Monika Meshram

Urinary tract infections are a not unusualplace and doubtlessly extreme bacterial contamination of babyhood. UTI Commonly encounter with Escheria coli account for about 80% of community acquired. It is commonest pediatric contaminations that distresses the kid and issues the parents. It happens in 1% of baby boys and 3%-8% baby of girls populatios, but occurrence varies with age. E. coli the maximum popular etiological cause accompanied via way of means of Klebsiella spp. and Proteus spp. UTI comes under of Mutrakriccha term Difficulty in micturition along with symptoms like Peeta mutrata, (Yellow discolouration of urine) Sarakta mutrata (Hematuria) Sadaha mutrata, (Burning micturition) Saruja mutrata (Dysuria) and Muhur-muhur mutrata (Urgency and frequency) are common clinical features. All these symptoms resemble closely with UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) mainly urethritis and cystitis. In this case study a patient diagnosed with Mutrakriccha is treated with Ayurveda intervention including dietary restrictions and internal medications in an infant’s curing clinical features of Mutrakriccha and preventing recurrent relapse. The quality of life of child was also improved due to fast reduction of complaints with no relapse.


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