Sacrococcygeal teratoma seen and treated late: About a case and review of literature


Mamadou Madiou Barry*, Ndoye O, Mebouinz FN, Keita B, Toure MA, Fall M, Barry TS, Ndour O and Ngom G

Objective: The sacrococcygian teratoma is a germ tumor containing tissues from rare embryonic leaflets, observed most often in neonatal period and rarely in children. We report a case seen and treated late.

Case: We report an observation of an 8-year-old girl, with no pathological history, received in an acute urine retention table pelvic pain, a voluminous sacred swelling of progressive installation without neurological deficit. The CT scan showed a large pelvic projection sacral mass in favour of a TSC. The serum AFP assay was normal. A monobloc exeresis of the tumor, the intraoperative aspect was that of a mixed tumor with fluid component with viscous content. The histological study showed that it was a teratoma.

Conclusion: If the tumor is purely liquidian or predominantly liquidian poses few problems of manage ment, despite the delay diagnosis and management. Solid and hypervascularized teratomas are at high risk of complications, whether ante or neonatal. In all cases, rigorous clinical and para-clinical surveillance will be established.


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