Scrotal gunshot injury resulting in a bilateral orchiectomy: A case report


Thomas L. Haupt*, Vanessa Aponte, Abhishek Tippabhatl, Murad Alfaqih and Pamela Coleman

Scrotal and testicular injuries are rare and most commonly due to penetrating trauma by firearms. Management generally involves prompt surgical exploration and repair depending on the extent of the lesions. Moreover, if the damaged testis is nonviable, an orchiectomy may be recommended to avoid complications. There is currently limited documentation describing cases of a bilateral orchiectomy to manage penetrating scrotal trauma. Therefore, we report a case of a young male with a single gunshot wound to the scrotum that ultimately resulted in the loss of both testicles. The use of doppler ultrasound confirmed the suspicion of ischemic orchitis, ultimately accelerating and guiding surgical exploration.


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