Simple intratesticular cyst: A rare finding amenable to testis-sparing surgery


Jessica N. Jackson, Rebecca S. Zee, C.D. Anthony Herndon

Simple intratesticular cysts (SIC) are rare in infancy. There is a paucity of data with regards to management. Concern for malignancy often prompts the pediatric urologist to perform a radical orchiectomy which may impact endocrine function and fertility potential later in life. Recently, there has been a movement towards testis-sparing surgery for SIC. Herein, we describe a case of a 7-month-old infant who presented to pediatric urology clinic with left intraparenchymal SIC that was treated with a testis-sparing approach. In summary, this case report supports the use of testis-sparing surgery for management of preoperatively well-defined SIC.


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