Subcutaneous scrotal dirofilariasis in a 3- year- old boy


Biserka Pigac, Silvija Mašić, Valentina Mašić

Dirofilariasis is a zoonosis caused by parasites the genus Dirofilaria, most common species are D. repens and D. immitis. This parasitosis rarely affects humans and it is usually asymptomatic. Canines are considered to be the reservoir of the parasite, yet the parasite is transmitted via mosquito bite. We present a case of subcutaneous scrotal dirofilariasis in a 3-year-old boy from north- western part of Croatia, where this zoonosis's not endemic, which characterizes this entity as rarity in this part of the country. In this case, parasitic infestation was manifested as painless scrotal nodule up to 1 cm in its largest diameter. Surgical excision revealed a thread- like material exiting the incision site. According to well preserved morphologic characteristics, the specimen was characterized as a helminth of the genus Dirofilaria. We emphasize the importance of dirofilariasis in patients with subcutaneous nodules. And increase the awareness level of these parasites among clinicians and pathologists. S6t3Bh9Gwo


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