Symptomatic simple renal cyst managed by laparoscopic unroofing


Mete Kaya, Serpil Sancar, Hakan Erdogan, Omer Yalcin

Simple renal cysts (SRC) in children are uncommon, usually asymptomatic, and discovered incidentally during investigation for other urinary or abdominal symptoms. The management of SRC in children depends on the symptoms and imaging. Patients can be followed by ultrasonography or other imaging or may be decided an intervention. The available procedures for the treatment of symptomatic cysts are percutaneous aspiration with or without sclerotherapy and open or laparoscopic approaches of the lesions. Only a few small series have been published SRC in children, and is not sufficient data available regarding laparoscopic approach. In this case report, we present a case of symptomatic SRC who underwent laparoscopic unroofing.


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