Sabir Ali

Department of Kaumarbhritya, Central University in Wardha, Maharashtra, India


  • Case Report   
    Ayurvedic management of paediatric urolithiasis (mutrashmari): A case report
    Author(s): Monika Meshram*, Kiran Khandare and Sabir Ali

    Mutrashmari (Urolithiasis) is one of the most common disorders of the Mutravaha srotas (Urinary system). In the contemporary medical science, it is correlated with urolithiasis. It is a highly prevalent condition with a high recurrence rate that has a large impact on the quality of life of those affected. Paediatric urolithiasis is an important encountered kidney disorder in clinical practice. A 9-year-old patient approached the OPD with complaints of pain abdomen associated with nausea, vomiting and burning micturition. On interrogation, patient’s parents gave the history of using bore well water for consumption. Ultrasound scan of the abdomen revealed the renal calculi measuring 6 mm in the vesico ureteric junction causing hydro nephrosis and another 3.5 mm calculus in the upper pole of the right Kidney. It was diagnosed as vataaja ashmari (Type of Renal calculi) based on sign.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.14534/j-pucr.20222675586

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